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A Bit Ironic

Yesterday I not only discovered that August 5th is ‘Be Naked Day’, but that this week (July 20-26, 2017) is also The American Association for Nude Recreation and Naturist Society, Nude Recreation Week. I had no idea of this since I do not belong to any nudist clubs or resorts. I’m just a simple at home nudist.

Although I do have friends that when we get together we shed our clothes and enjoy our time together nude. It was one of those friends who sent me the information about ‘Be Naked Day’. It was by another strange happenstance that I learn of Nude Recreation Week. I was listening to the radio and the announcer was talking about things on his calendar that may not be on everyone’s. One those was that it was the beginning of Nude Recreation Week.

About the only nude recreation, other than lounging around the house, I do is gardening. And what have I discovered? The first Saturday in May is ‘Nude Gardening Day’. And guess what? Even though I didn’t know I was celebrating it. I did do nude gardening on that day.

Once I heard about it being Nude Recreation Week I gave a call to my friend who had told me about ‘Be Naked Day’ and told him about Nude Recreation Week. Neither he nor his wife had heard of Nude Recreation Week. But they dis suggest that we should get together. I went over to their place and we enjoyed the evening together. Nude of course. Our recreation? We watched the movie ‘Hair’ on their big screen.

With the temperatures that they are forecasting for today, I have a feeling that there may be more people thinking about shedding their clothes to stay cool. But I’m not sure that it’ll be a good day for recreation unless it’s skinny dipping.

Anyone have a pool?

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