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An Adventure

Yesterday morning I woke up with nothing to do and just a little bit bored. Sure I could have done some gardening, but I’m not really a gardener. This year it’s mostly just a bunch of weeds. OK, that’s not much different than most years, so what else is new.

The day was a bit cooler than the past few. Still hot in the sun, but not as humid. So I could have just laid out to get my all-over tan. Here’s something I don’t think I’ve said about me yet. I hate clothes. Even in the winter, so I don’t wear them. Well that’s not totally true, you can’t go through life no wearing clothes. If I have too wear something it’s usually a nice sundress.

Anyway, I decided to take a ride. I threw on my favorite sundress, blue with flowers. Part of my wanna-be flower child image I suppose. I crawled into my 20 year old Plymouth Breeze and hit the road. With no destination in mind.

Shortly after I grabbed a coffee at the local RoFo, I decided to go to Chesapeake City. Chesapeake City is a small town on the C&D Canal. There are some wonderful shops to browse through. There’s a nice little garden park next to the canal where you can sit, watch the boats and get lost in your thoughts and time.

But I didn’t get to Chesapeake City. On my way up MD 213 I came to the red light in Galena. The local fire department had cute fire fighters at each intersection. It was a fundraiser for the company itself. I call a young man over and stuck a 10 dollar bill in his boot.

A little further into town I saw what appeared to be a little festival going on. I decided to stop and discovered they were doing a pop-up open air market. What a cool idea. I spent a few hours there. I had a hot dog and fries by the Lions. I have to say they cooked some of the best fries.

Walked around the nice little town that I have driven through many times, but never found a reason to stop. There are a couple of neat antique shops and talked with a lot of friendly people. And to think if they didn’t have the little open air pop-market I wouldn’t have stopped. I am certainly going to go back soon.

Here are a few photos from the outing in Galena:

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