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Back to Normal

I’m hoping that life now can get back to normal after the long Independence Day Weekend. Well at least as normal as it can be. There will still be many of those ‘welcomed’ tourist here. Some though are here most of the summer and those we can take, with a grain of salt, of course.

‘Grain of Salt’? It’s an old saying that I have heard all my life. One that in a way makes sense, but also in a way it doesn’t. Wonder where it comes from? Hold on, Let me google it.

Back! Google it? What did we do before we had google to look up all the questions of life? Many times I suppose we just let it go. If really needed to know we went to the library to find out. However, usually on the way to the library, we would find a friend to hang out with with no thoughts on why we were heading to the library in the first place. That is until we got home without the answer we seeked.

Anyway, where did ‘Grain of Salt’ originate? You may have also just googled it so those of you who couldn’t wait already know. It is thought to come from Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia, writing of a recipe for an antidote to a poison that had a grain of salt as the final ingredient.

I”m not sure that I know any more about the saying that I did before I searched. It seems to me that heading out to the library, meeting up with some friends on the way, and having a good time with them is much more interesting than switching to another window and doing a search.

Which gives me an idea. I’m going to give a friend a call, and see if we can search for that grain of salt missing from a Margaretta.


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Life is ….

Life is what one makes it to be. It’s not hard to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. It’s much easier to accept who you are and go with it.

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