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Carole King’s Tapestry

It was on February 10, 1971 that Carole Kings second, and most popular, album Tapestry was released.
It was released Ode Records and produced by Lou Adler. With over 25 million albums sold it is one of the best-selling albums of all time.

The album received four Grammy Awards in 1972, including Album of the Year. The lead single from the album — “It’s Too Late”/”I Feel the Earth Move” — spent five weeks at number one.

You’ve Got a Friend” written by Carole King, and was included in her album Tapestry of 1971, but was made famous by James Taylor’s cover version the same year. Taylor’s rendition, released as a single from his own 1971 album Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon. The song won the Grammy for Song of the Year.

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Guess Who – American Woman

The Guess Who was one of the first bands I loved especially American Woman which was released in 1970 when Randy Bachman was still the giuitarist for the band. He would leave shortly after American Woman was released. He would join with BF Turner as Bachman-Turner to release some more great songs.

This Video is of the classic Guess Who when they got back together in 2000 for a tour. One of the best live versions I’ve ever heard (or seen).

And as an added extra feature – American Woman live, albeit edited, version from the 70’s

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Jethro Tull – Thick as a Brick

There were a lot of groups that I followed closely in the 70’s. But the Ian Anderson led, Jethro Tull, was not one of them. I really don’t know why? I suppose they are one of those artists that have to grow on you.

This You-Tube video is from a 1977 concert at the old Cap Center in DC.

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70’s Music Revisited – Terry Kath

As I happened to mentioned on my very first post, I am a child of the ’70’s and when I listen to music it’s mostly from that time period. Although there are some modern artist I really like Pink is one of them.

Anyway I have decided since I am often on You-Tube looking for songs that I may not have heard in awhile, or live performances I’ve not seen before I have decided to do a feature I call 70’s Music Revisited. I’ll be posting from time to time links to you-tube.

Chicago has always been my favorite Band, and I love Terry Kath’s guitar work. Today, January 23rd, is the anniversary of the day he died from accidental gunshot wound to the head. What better way to revisit the music of the 70’s from one of the decade’s legends. Jimi Hendrix was a big admirer of his guitar playing. Kath’s guitar work can best be heard with his guitar solo in Chicago’s song 25 or 6 to 4. He may not have ever played the solo the same way twice in any of his live performances.

This was Live at Tanglewood, July 21, 1970.

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