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Happy Valentine’s Day

Written on February 14, 2018   By   in Musings

February 14th. The so called day for lovers.

I have to say it’s has never really been a special day for me. I suppose mostly because I really never had the Love of My Life. And now at nearly 60, I’m not sure that I ever will.

Yes, I have had relationships that have gone through the middle of February. I have had Valentine’s Dates. Dinners that I remember fondly and after activities that I have enjoyed thoroughly. But none that was so special on that day to be considered a Day for Lovers.

I have nothing against Valentine’s Day. I am sure that for many it’s a very joyful, loving day. One that will forever have a special meaning. I have a friend who was proposed to on that date. Even though she is no longer with him, she has told me that she looks back on that day as one of the highlights of her life.

What will I be doing this evening on Valentine’s Day? As of right now I really have no idea, other than sitting in my comfy chair, probably with a nice hot cup of coffee and watching the TV. I heard that there may be Olympic Curling this evening on the TV.

Does it mean I’ll be lonely hearted? Not at all. I have a few male friends, female friends too, who may also be alone tonight that I could invite to be with me. I just am in the mood to spend it alone.

But for those who will not be alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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