A Hiccup of Sorts

When I decided to begin this writing adventure, telling my story as I move nearer to the age of 60 and that cross-over, I thought I would be more active. At least a couple of times a week and not skipping ahead more than a week.

It’s not that I really did anything to keep me away. Well, I did decide to take a trip to visit friends near the Ocean. I’m not one to need a lot of things when on vacation. I just grabbed a couple of sundresses, then again I rarely wear anything else, some drinks, reading material (books, I hate ebooks), and some snacks. Fortunately my friend’s pool is hidden from view and can swim in the nude, so I didn’t take a swimsuit.

One nice thing about living on MD Eastern Shore is that you live where people want to vacation. The worst part is that people want to vacation here.

Once summer arrives, especially the 4th of July weekend, one doesn’t really venture too far from home. Especially beginning Thursday evening until Monday night. That’s one of the reason I went to visit my friends in the middle of the last week in June.

We had a good time. The weather was perfect for nice days at the pool side. I did get a bit red, since I haven’t spent a lot of time out in the sun this year. I nights were clear and not too many bugs. I was surprised by that.

Now I’m home watching everyone zooming by in a rush, off to wherever they may be going. I’m perfectly happy to just stay home.

Even for the 4th, I’m staying home. Might break my diet and eat a steak. A girl got to enjoy life once in a while. I’m close enough to see some fireworks from my backyard. Good since I really don’t enjoy crowds.

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