The Beginning …..

Where to start?
As is said start from the beginning.

I’m Stephanie Georgina Allen. Not a name that I have ever liked. Stef or Stevie even less. Although for a time in the 70’s when Stevie Nicks was popular, I did give Stevie some serious consideration. But Stephanie Georgina was the one that was given to me.

One day when I was about 8, my grandfather said to me, “Hi Sunshine”. I liked being called that and I started to call myself Sunshine. Well, at least during my school days and into college. In the late 70’s Sunshine started to seem too much of an old hippie name. I shorted it Sunny. And been Sunny most of my adult life. I have recently gone back to Sunshine. Being an old hippie now seems to be what I want to be.

So please just call me Sunshine.

I have been thinking about doing a blog for awhile. I’m now nearly 60 years old, and semi-retired. I’m back living in the area where I grew up after being away for a long time. In many ways it’s familiar, but there are also a lot of new discoveries.

This past weekend I was sitting listening to music and getting mellow with a friend. We started talking about life, liberty and happiness. I happen to mention that I had thought about doing a blog in the past. The conversations went something like this;

“Why don’t you start”

I answered, “Because blogs are so 2000’s.”

“Maybe, but why not start one. I’ll help create it.”

My friend is much more technology literate than I am. Over the weekend after deciding on a theme, “The musings of an aging wannabe Flower Child” we put it together and here we are.

Why ReHeated Coffee?
Short answer – I had always thought that in ways blogs were ways of using yesterday’s coffee to tell their story. And I wanted to use yesterday’s Coffee. But that domain name was already used. Thinking more about how yesterday’s coffee is fixed, we realized that it needed to be reheated.

So here we are the beginning of ReHeated Coffee.

As an overweight woman nearing 60 there are a few things I have come to accept about me and my life:

I am plus-sized – OK, maybe a bit bigger than plus-sized;
I have stretch marks, My tummy jiggles and My tits sag;
I’m still interested in Sex – Just others may not be interested in sex with me;
I’m Bi-sexual;
My once long dark hair is totally grey, although still long;
I am an orphan – Both my Mom and Dad have died;
I am a moderate liberal;
And I love where and who I am.

Where will this blog and my musings take me?
That is a good question, one that not even I know the answers for certain.

For the past few years I have been the caregiver for an elderly relative and during that time I had plenty of thoughts going through my mind that I should have put on paper (although in the 21st century I suppose it’s to put it in the cloud), but didn’t. I sometimes regret that and some of the postings here may be me recalling those times.

I’m not an artist, but I appreciate art of all types. And at times even dabble in artistic ventures. For now I’m a writer. Probably not a very good one, you the reader can judge for that yourself.

I am thinking I may do some poetry. Or erotic fiction. But mostly just my thoughts.

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